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Download the PDF OwnerGuard License Managers available for the Kindle Fire, Nook HD and other Android tablets (Android 2.3.3 or later):

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How To Register & Activate the Handbook of QEEG and EEG Biofeedback on an Android Device:

1. Download and Install and Launch/Open the Andriod PDF OwnerGuard License Manager App.

2. Click the Copy to Clipboard Icon or Button and Paste the Device ID into an email and include your full  name in the body of the email and sent it to

3. After ANI has received the Notice of Payment then an unlock License Code will be sent by return email.

4. Click the "Register Using License Code" or "Licensing Code" tab in the PDF OwnerGuard License Manager.

5. Copy (Ctrl-C) and Paste (Ctrl-V) the License Code into the "License Code" box.

6. Type Handbook2 into the Project Name box.

7. Click the Add License Button.


To view the e-book Download and Install the Android Adobe Reader  from Google Play or

There are 276 pages dedicated to Hands on Tutorials in the Handbook of QEEG and Biofeedback, to work along download the following:

Download the Free NeuroGuide Demo Here

Download EEG Tutorial Files

Download Exemplar EEG Report

If you are have trouble downloading the e-Book or getting the PDF License Manager to recognize the Handbook of QEEG and EEG Biofeedback go to the bottom of the Contact page and follow the instructions.

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